Saturday, December 10, 2005

Two Small Pills

Orange and White.White n Orange.Thats All She Left me with........
My Shrink Tells me these two are nessesary (for wat? ).Mom sees to it that i take them twice daily!
I am so lonely,numb,oblivious to pain,barbs,jobs,etal.
Suffering from an acute case of wat i call MELANCHOLIA .
I just DONT FEEL anything...nicht aber Jetz.
Dr Roy tells me the pills are to keep you in a smilling mood"mukh Hashi-hashi thakbe"......

Friday, December 09, 2005

The Darkest Day Of My Life...1...watever i can manage to remeber..or maybe wish to...

If somebody actually asked which was the darkest day of my life.....well i would not hesistate before saying the night of May 12/13 2002. the college day function were just over so we were back to our daily routine;Grass, Vodka, Floyd ( Wall vid to be precise).Some of the guys were tryin to master the new circuits of NFS and me being the Supplier n Financer for most of the Contraband items the seniors needed ,was actually sitting in School n College Senior Joyproteeps Single room planning our new list of goodies and porn cds.
Suddenly the door burst open n in came Joy(ind prod), and one look at his face told me something was gravely wrong.
"Himangshu n Rane have met with an accident in Karwar Road!" panted Joy.
'Wats new? they do it every sem.....Madarchodo ka habit baan giya hai Gaddi thokna"pat came the reply frm one of the guys(Vikash Kumar Frm Patna)
"Himangshu`s parents have been informed"persisted Joy.
Pregnant Silence.
Confused Looks.
"Maybe they are in Coma??"i blurted.( Son of two docs i could sense something was wrong)
"U gone Crazy?????"joy said.Others just looked away.But the Fear of the dark was hanging in the air.These two are our friends,our family away frm home,god please keep them safe.
Somehow we just sat around discussing the unknown,analysing all possible angles to the accident and how we could have stopped it.
I was walking towards the loo wen i saw JP da standing there looking at the sky n shaking his head.
"Ki Holo JP da?"
"Before Himangshu left he came to my room at 2.30 in the night asking for money n i gave him 500 bucks for the petrol.If only......."
Now the time was likr nearly 12.30 so all the frightened,tired,resigned-to-fate group of boys trooped back to their roomshoping the new day will bring better news.Maybe.Just Maybe.
I walked into room 305 which i shared with Sammyda, the Genious Frm Arch dept n the moment we closed the door his remark summed up the feeling
" U know something is wrong, dont u?.We all Know but u are the only one who can Face it right now!"
That night was a torment with me sruggling with the sheets and blanket till around 4.00 wen i could not take it any longer.My monumental heartbreak in the june 0f 2001 left me with a shrink,some anti-depressants,tons of sweet memories and an unique ability to sense danger n fear.It was this Fear-detecting radar that woke me up.I shuffled to the door,opened it,peered around the corner, and the world just went blank for 5 secs.
Jat(Pradeep Poonia frm Meerut, H`s roomie) was standing near the stairs like a statue.
That Was It.
I turned around,went over to Sammy`s bed n woke him .
"But Sangram is the Michael(Schaumacher) of bikes in the college.Im mean nothing can happen to him.He`s the Best.Bloody Best(choking)!"Sammy persisted.He loved his friends.
"Come outside,Check it out."
"JUst them JP n Joy came to the room,Joy`s face was distorted and JPwas dazed .Thunderstuck.
Sammy Just called up our Third roomie Varun Sangal(DPS RKP.NOIDA) n he came over in about an hour frm his aunts place.
The next two hours passed in a daze with most of the final yearites getting ready,calling the Princi, the HOD,booking vehicles to go to Karwar (171 kms) away.
All the while saner guys would go about the rooms collecting all the bike keys so nobody actually took off for Karwar in their Bikes.Somebody(Sammy i think) called up Shantanu who was Sangrams Bike partner n just told or rather ordered him to come to the hostel.
About thirty mins later a very drunk n bleary eyed santanu zooms into the biking lot.keys are taken from him immidiately and then he is told.
Stupor.Silence.Fear.Disbelief.his world just went a wee bit grey .

Sorrounded by Docs!!!!

Well now that bro Shaggy has recieved his Ph.D i just counted there are 6 docs in the means i can sort of get cures almost diseases concerning me and my Computer...
Way to go....

Thursday, December 08, 2005

NorthWard Ho (said the erudite Young K)

Wat a day!!!
Had an Appo with an eminent blogger at eight thirty which actually took off at twelve thirty!!!!1
Destination.....the much -heard but never visited northern parts of our town.
Places like Marble Palace, jorasanko thakurbari,and allother hallowed places dripping in bong tradition n history.
Had to ride for bout 80 odd kms cause the nerd behind me is not to be trusted with a Tricycle outside his courtyard.
food was at College Street Coffee House cause street food is not to be trusted.esp ones frm Chinese eatery in Tirreta Bazar!!!!!
We actually had to cross the Second Hoogly Bridge as there was still one bong (now exported to Bangaluru ofcourse) who had yet not travelled over that edifice.
the Aforementioned eminent Quizard mistook the marble Palace ground for a muslim Graveyard,nearly bought himself a made-in- Hydereabad PC and carried on multifaroius other Shenanigans before finally deciding he wanted to see the Cossimbazar RajBari( 35 km away...out of question) n retreated into a Sify parlour

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I have found DSOTM

Has anybody ever given a thought bout the roads or rather the lack of them in my Hometown(yes i will call it a town as long as coditions atre like these).
I mean riding a bike on them is more of an "avoid me if u can" with potholes,tramlines,stray dogs,schoolkids.
Well provided u are moving and not stuck up in a traffic jam with one solitary Comrade shouting Maanchi naa, maanbo naa,Jawab Chai Jawab Dao,Kalo Hath Bhenge Dao, Gudiye Dao etc and a motley crew of country bumpkinscarrying festoons looking at the cars, buildings,babes,shopping malls,VM,Metro rail etall.
I mean guys its time i as a road tax paying citizen, i get my share of relatively clean,level stretches of tarmac wer i can drive or ride safely without taking a tumble( me being a very safe n good rider,aforementioned tumble is more feared than exped). Its not just me silly its there are thousands of others who are using their own mode of transport(read 2-ws ) and getting mowed down by speeding buses, Police Vans,illegal Autos(courtesy Subhasda n his Cricket Hat) is not exactly wat they hope for every time they get out of their houses.
I will just give u Rundown of the Few roads I use quite frequently
1.EM Byepass--stretch from Kasba Island To Parama Island near Science City----the road has three levels( Autobahn? Autostrada, Route 66 Style ???? SHIT.)Just that these are Remnants of three different level of patchworking done in the last three months all of them being inneffectual for the motoring public ( not for the bank balance of the contractors ).The whole stretch becomes absolutely unsafe n dangerous at night wen Qualises and Sumos hired by Call- Centres try a Kartikeyan at every chance . If u are riding a bike, either u can ride along the side of the road at 30 kmph or just stand ur ground , refuse to yield and do an insane 85-90 kmph.Choice is urs. either way its its just UNSAFE AT AAANY SPEEDS...
2.Raja SC Mullick Road---stretch from Jadavpur thana to 8B Bus Stop.---Wat or who designed executed dat stretch of road ???
its got more undulations n craters than Baja 500 i guess ...the stretch is wavy, bouncy,unsafe . all vehicular traffic should be banned till its levelled, properly banked and speedbreakers laid down.
3. Chitpur Road
4.College Street
guess i need to sit down n load some pics to give u better idea.