Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some More of 5 Greatest

The Greatest Movies of All Times- top 5

1.The Shinning---nothing comes close to the situational fear psychosis created by Kubrick.
2.Apocalypse Now- " I like the sweet smell of napalm first thing in the morning"...and America went to fight someone else`s war.Till the bodybags started coming home.
3.Saptapadi- " Ei Poth jodi naah Shesh hoy tobey kemon hoto tumi bolo toh". for a Whole generation of bengalis, courtship began and ended the way Uttam kumar did it...
4.Casablanca. " Play it Sam,play it as TIME GOES BY".Bogart as the Acerbic,Darkly sardonic and grey Rick Blaine delivered a masterpiece.
5. Goonda: Mithunda aka Prabhuji delivers the greatest performance ever seen on Indian screens...only the buggers giving the Oscars havent seen it or heard of it ....