Sunday, August 06, 2006

Take that!

Yesterday evening in the FM radio some RJ managed to get on air Rakhi Sawant...
the paragon of virtue she is, this marathi female has managed to titilate our rather pure unblemished mind in engg college hostel in more ways than one.
last evening she was rather livid with a director-producer who is threatning(!) to release a film called "OUTSOURCED" in which our dearest rakhi has done some scenes she considers bold...
now our proma donna was unaware of the fact that the director-producer may try to encash on his leading lady`s liplocking endeavours...

i personally cant wait to watch Rakhi Sawant`s first role a leading(!) lady...
brave director-producer bring it on...
once and for all end this starlet with more silicon than a P5 machine`s acting ambitions.
We demand its releaase under Right to Information.

Friday, June 02, 2006

a series of mail: marriage anyone?

Behind this posting lies aseries of mails i exchanged with my best friend Aryabrata, a gem of a person,somebody who manages to hide a very sharp and balanced mind behind a facade of practised and easygoing ignorance to most( not all) worldly matters.

Whenever i am down,out and looking for some real solid advice,arya is the guy i call up.
His clear thinking and simple dedicated line of thought is a welcome break from all the complications of most people around me.
Read on

.But it escapes me why the bright young men of our country,most of whom are capable of 3000-odd lines of complex Java programming or can manufacture a valve/car/turbine as per SIX-SIGMA specifications, are considered NOT GOOD ENOUGH and absolutely incapable of marrying the woman they love???
Is it because these bright young men(BYM) are too self-centred or too nice to open their mouth and rightfully declare their love when the crunch comes???

or is it because...inspite of our big talks of liberalisaton and open society, we are still stuck in 18 th century traditional values as far as the position of women in our society is concerned????

do fathers still consider their daughters as part of the furniture and a burden...something(!) to be disposed off at the earliest opprtunity???
YES...they do.Because we, the BYM of India are not doing anything to prove them otherwise.We are not coming forward and professing our love for these AMAZING YOUNG LADIES,so these fathers have no idea about how much their daughters mean to precious and wonderful they are!so for lack(????) of better alternatives, they marry of their daughters with some loser who has spent all his adolescent and adult life calling up the girls` hostel and asking random females"will you make a meet with me???"
Ki aar bolbo...jaago purush jaago.
dont fall in it.

On Tue, 30 May 2006 wrote :>
Dear satyaki,
May be u are right . But this is a ageless tradition which till this date has kept its standing and has led to many happy>lives . may be it is right that 2 or 3 yrs is not the right time to know a person specially cause>u cannot be as close to a person as u can be after marriage . That why many a love marriage 's break up . Take the case>of shreya only . It was a fairy tale union for her but at this phase of life she is reeling under a sense of rejection and unfound love .>That s life . Its not that i am telling that arranged marriages can bring u lot of happiness or that they are eternal .
>But they too carry a different ideology when it stamps a union of two hence unknown persons in body and spirit .>>
But still I too believe that love marriages are far better than the arranged ones since here the positives and negatives
>are both in ur hands and the future is only urs . good or bad . Still this is the experience of only a lucky few.>
>And I I don't think we are quite lucky in this front .
Hence start to luv arranged marriages . .....>>this is the morale of my reply !!!!!!!!

Original Message----->

From: satyaki bhattacharya []>Sent: Monday, May 29, 2006 11:06 PM>

Subject: Re: RE:>>>>>
marriages depress me because chances are they are mostly an union of a male and a female who dont know each other.>
they are dragged into it by their parents.
>the girl is giong along because she is lead to believe that the person her parents have chosen for her is BETTER than the person she loves.>
the guy goes along cause he knows the girls dad is giving him a substancial dowry.>plus he has already lost the girl he liked.
Until and unless its love marriage( they rarely are)>its something very depressing for me.>
because its a big compromise
On Sat, 27 May 2006 wrote

>why do marraiges depress u
especially others ! nijer biya mana galai ghanti can be quite depressing but others can be fun ....> jai hok phone kaj korcha

Original Message----->

> From: satyaki bhattacharya []> >Sent: Friday, May 26, 2006 8:25 PM>
>To:> >Subject: Re:> >> >> >> >
ami bhalo aachi
ekhane shob thikthak cholche.>
>may go to kolkata on july 20 th for mashir cheler biye.> >
i hate marriages ,so may not even go.>
>marriages depress me.>
>very much.>
>take care> >

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Another in the series of "the girl"

{All this snippets are going a long way to prove the fact that I am getting paranoid about the freedom thing...maybe i should have casual fling just to feel relaxed and in the groove}

It all started with a rather long sms from "the girl" i recieved on friday night aroung 1.00 p.m..she wanted me to accompany her to the Bangalore municipal transport corp (bmtc) office as she wanted to lodge a complaint against a bus conductor who had misbehaved with her.she told me that she had even lodged a police complaint at the Indiranagar police station.
so saturday morning started kind of early for me( usually i never wake up before 11.30) .i called up my boss who is rather big in bangalore and explained the whole story to him.
next stop was her house.
she was rather happy and mock outraged to see me so early in the morning(9.30)
then we decided to go for what you would call "retail therapy",meaning buying lots of expensive stuff which neither of us dont need very much.
first stop was a place where we had a veggie lunch...gobi paratha and such things.halfway through she realised that i dont exactly like leaves and grass for lunch.whatever.
then to the titan shop for repairing her watch,a rather expensive one.
next stop was commercial street. she wanted to buy a formal shoe for office after parking my bike with much diificulty ,we went to three shoe stores and finally she chose the shoe that i had originally liked.
so much for an independant streak.
next stop was a duppata store where she wanted to get a duppata for her blue and white salwar in between i bargained and got her some hair clips for 30% the price the seller quoted-)

then i wanted her to buy a good pair of jeans,preferably pepe.
she was like "nooooo i dont want to buy it now and all that".
well after a five minute spell of hard reasoning from me ,she also warmed up to the idea and up up and away to brigade road.
our first stop was a juice shop as both of us were kind of thirsty.
apple juice for her and fresh lime soda for me and then we barged into the Levis store .and then the fun started.

either she doesnot like the style or the colour or in some cases the things were ultra-low rise or whatever.(must be made for girls who are either anorexic else for covering lamp-posts.
after going through twenty pairs , and ofcourse with a fone to the designer of levis(my close friend),we decided to go to the lee/wrangler store down the road.
here the collection was better or rather bit less funky.

well the girl being a bit finicky about her clothes...she should be ,after all she does not work in a call centre but designs circuits for computer graphics cards(ASIC)...she finally settled on a pair of 'mid-rise,regular fit ,boot cut with lycra finish...something she never wanted to buy in the first place,but i have my ways of persuation.
after that it was arather hasty ride back home as i had a theatre rehearsal to attend.
so ended saturday.
well on monday,thats yesterday i went and met Mr. Mahapatra ,who is the addl .director general of karnataka police and explained her predicament to him.he immidiately called his junior officer a DSP(Deputy Superintendant of Police), and that person did whatever was needful.
after that i picked her up from in front of office and we went to the duppata shop ,got her duppata, came back to brigade road and sat at the KFc cause both of us were very hungry.
huge amounts of burger and soft drinks consumed ,we came back to her flat from where i capnapped for an hour.
In between she also tanked up my bike and pampered with me ice-creams and what not.
dinner was again a veggie affair at some overpriced joint near her place.There were some girls from a call centre sitting in the next table who were looking at her t-shirt and wondering how one gets into IIT- Delhi.hehehehehe .
well that kind of ended the day.
and my dear ,if you are convinced that we are in love,then please change your opinion.she thinks that somebody like me should never be in love,never marrry,never do anything in life that will curb my independence and creativity.
i am a free bird and thats how i should be. and after two continuous days with her , i realise that its rather difficult for me to actually get tied down anyplace emotionally.thats why i guess i have moved out of all my relationships gracefully and very quickly.
i really hope that she settles down with somebody as brainy and decent as her,not get saddled with a wild-child like me.

Piece of My mind for " the girl"

{ It all started with a rather simple telephone call,which led to a series of telephone calls,some funny,some rather distressing, and a couple of them absolutely acrimonious.
As Reshma says"women are completely circumstancial".So does Freud. hope both of them are correct in their judgement.just hope}

ok here are the facts and not the fictions

1. Chandan Sikdar-----head of Six Sigma at John F. Welch Tech. Centre,Blore

2. Chandan da and Runa di(his wife) LOVE me.

3.Chandan da is a mech Engg

4. I am the ONLY mech engg he has met in a long time.

5. I know all about JIT,Re- Engineering & Benchmarking ,Non-destructive testing and such alike Advanced manufacturing processes.

6. Chandan da is rather surprised by point 5.

7. He knows Prof. Ghosh of Ohio State University,Columbus

8. My didi and jamai-babu stay in Columbus, Ohio.

9.My parents are rather warm to the idea of my going to OSU. ( refer point 8.)

10. I dont think i will get a job with degree from a rubbish University.

11a.My parents are not dying of hunger.

11b. I am not emotionally,physically or legally ATTACHED to any female.

12. Above points( 11a & 11b) make me kind of free to persue my own interests, as long as they are not illegal, immoral or nihilistic in nature, form,intention or end-result.

13. I love Rock n Roll.

14. I will be able to redeem a bit of my self-belief after a series of rather stupid and energy-sapping misdemeanours.

15. At least with a Summa Cum Laude Ph.D people would think maybe once before calling me OPOGONDO.

16. DEBANJALI and I parted as GOOD FRIENDS way long back.Exactly 67 poeple knew that till now.You are number 68.

17.I will be able to buy and ride a better,faster,Street-illegal Yamaha racing bike in US of A.

18.I am not drunk,doped,angry,frustrated,hungry,lonely,jobless,vindictive,sleepy or in jail while writing this mail.

19. My friend from IISc is offering me a post in MS Scientia or watever in the Quantum Cryptology wing.

20. Above point entirely due the fact that i have won first prize in paper presentation at various universities in this subject.

21. I had polao-murgir mangsho last night and gorom-bhat kochi pantha for lunch today.

FOR FURTHER CLARIFICATION(S) REGARDING PARTICULAR POINT(S), PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MAIL ME BACK.( gmail,msn,yahoo,indiatimes,hotmail all are free services...)

Friday, April 14, 2006

A lunch date wasted

she just started the whole conversation by asking
'are u angry?"
"why should i be angry?"

"why did you go out of orkut?"
"well didnot want anymore idle chitchat with any case i have got the e-mail ids of all the people i require"
"oh"(she is thinking furiously)

"wat are you doing???"

"wat r u doin for lunch tomorrow?"
pregnant silence...
" no plans as of now."
(short pause on her side)
"come over to my place".
(lump forming at the throat,eyes watering at the prospect of free food).

"i will cook some veg food.
or maybe we can order some takeaway"(earnestness dripping over the phone)

"why not?
after all i am not asking you to cook,all you need to do is eat"(trying to evoke laughter.usually she succeeds.but not this time...)

"NO"( i have got a mind of my own)
"ok bye".(me putsdown the phone)

log into gmail.
block her mails.
block all chats.

she keeps on asking me so many questions,does she really need an answer?
guess not.
she needs somebody to control,thats all.
why can`t she just let go...i mean life is a bit relaxed and easier that way .
atleast for the both of us.
for all of us.
her parents are scared of me,of her hob-nobbing with me.
so why not do them a favor...just keep away from me.

moral of the conversation: it took me all my goodwill and contact in bangalore to get two guest passes for "Sumoner Gaan" plus "Miles" cause she wanted to go.On the evening of the shoow she groggily picked up the phone and said"very sleepy,cant come,rather dont feel like coming"
ok ...
very well...
watever...why am i even writing?

so i can have good laugh later.
thats it.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Living My Dreams

Well right now wat i am doing is something i have always wanted to be gloriously i can read a book till five in the morning,wake up at twelve thirty...drink some coffee(if Ashok is around),log onto to check out the top stories regarding my fav club,then maybe chat a bit with the gang ...and then ,well do nothing.
Absolutely NOTHING.
Parents are kind of worried about me,but i guess dats kind of normal.
they Are always worried about me.
Frankly i dont see a single reason for their worry.
I am not sleeping around with some 'noshto choritro "mamoni(dont have the capability t0 even properly chat with one)
i rarely drink,never smoke,not exactly on friendly terms with any anti-national elements,sooooooooooo
parents just give me a break.
I dont want to be an MBA ,i dont want to go out and prove to the world that i am a fool...i know my limitations.
Somehow these days, i am meeting a lot of people who seem to be absolutely FAKE...they talk about things which are so skewed and short-term,that i feel asphxiated...i feel somebody is trying to strangulate me with a huge fabric of half-spun lies,fabrications,and mis-placed Intellectualism...
or maybe i am a FUCKING MISFIT.
Well i guess its more of the latter.
i am finding to live like this.
Its high time i took some concrete steps to put my life in order.
For a person who has a rather strong mind and a dream to fulfill, this kind of a life is rather difficult.
i find it difficult to join any of the outsourced jobs(BPO.KPO,Software,Services) sector.
Always wanted to be something like a deep-sea diver or maybe a crewmember of Americas Cup Team...and here i am dying of inaction-)
well kind of confused about how to convince mom about the fact that i really dont want to SETTLE DOWN like any normal bengali boy,i want to make mark for myself so
"let me go".

Its time i spoke to Kanchan about contacting ANOOP for info regarding the MS course he did from UK
HIgh Time ...
well else...
i will grow roots...
i will die.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

back to the lakes.

just rejoined the only thing i was pretty good at...ROWING.
went to the Trishna Club at Ulsoor lake and joined the army outfit for my daily sweating out.
seems the rowing fraternity ,at least the seriuos ones are very less in number ,n everybody seems to know the other guys at calcutta or pune.
so it was pretty easy for me to get in just by saying i was under Ashok Mehta n loganathan, legends in their own rights.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

winning : my style

khelenge hum jaan se
khelenge hum shaan se
nafrat se kya jitna
jitenge hum pyar me!

what ho ?
indian elliot??????

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

wat a night!!

Wat a night old boy.
left me smelly,as drunk as an Irish,bleary-eyed from lack of sleep,left knee bruised from sweeping the wooden floor of R&S new dupleix n has also LEFT A STRANGE EROTIC SMELL IN my arrow gaberdine jacket.
all foer a eXTREMELY PRETTY STRANGER who left St.Stephens maths major to be a legal eagle-).
Ich habe Keine Probleme mit das ,aber ich denke ich beliebe diesen Ssuper Sussen madchen.
sie ist zu viel interresente,hast eine susse spreche und ist alles alein im diesen stadt.
Sie spreche sie kann neben gesehen mit mich.sie ubel uber mich und haben keine idee aber das.
Ich bin im Liebe.
hast du keine idee ?