Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Another in the series of "the girl"

{All this snippets are going a long way to prove the fact that I am getting paranoid about the freedom thing...maybe i should have casual fling just to feel relaxed and in the groove}

It all started with a rather long sms from "the girl" i recieved on friday night aroung 1.00 p.m..she wanted me to accompany her to the Bangalore municipal transport corp (bmtc) office as she wanted to lodge a complaint against a bus conductor who had misbehaved with her.she told me that she had even lodged a police complaint at the Indiranagar police station.
so saturday morning started kind of early for me( usually i never wake up before 11.30) .i called up my boss who is rather big in bangalore and explained the whole story to him.
next stop was her house.
she was rather happy and mock outraged to see me so early in the morning(9.30)
then we decided to go for what you would call "retail therapy",meaning buying lots of expensive stuff which neither of us dont need very much.
first stop was a place where we had a veggie lunch...gobi paratha and such things.halfway through she realised that i dont exactly like leaves and grass for lunch.whatever.
then to the titan shop for repairing her watch,a rather expensive one.
next stop was commercial street. she wanted to buy a formal shoe for office use.so after parking my bike with much diificulty ,we went to three shoe stores and finally she chose the shoe that i had originally liked.
so much for an independant streak.
next stop was a duppata store where she wanted to get a duppata for her blue and white salwar in between i bargained and got her some hair clips for 30% the price the seller quoted-)

then i wanted her to buy a good pair of jeans,preferably pepe.
she was like "nooooo i dont want to buy it now and all that".
well after a five minute spell of hard reasoning from me ,she also warmed up to the idea and up up and away to brigade road.
our first stop was a juice shop as both of us were kind of thirsty.
apple juice for her and fresh lime soda for me and then we barged into the Levis store .and then the fun started.

either she doesnot like the style or the colour or in some cases the things were ultra-low rise or whatever.(must be made for girls who are either anorexic else for covering lamp-posts.
after going through twenty pairs , and ofcourse with a fone to the designer of levis(my close friend),we decided to go to the lee/wrangler store down the road.
here the collection was better or rather bit less funky.

well the girl being a bit finicky about her clothes...she should be ,after all she does not work in a call centre but designs circuits for computer graphics cards(ASIC)...she finally settled on a pair of 'mid-rise,regular fit ,boot cut with lycra finish...something she never wanted to buy in the first place,but i have my ways of persuation.
after that it was arather hasty ride back home as i had a theatre rehearsal to attend.
so ended saturday.
well on monday,thats yesterday i went and met Mr. Mahapatra ,who is the addl .director general of karnataka police and explained her predicament to him.he immidiately called his junior officer a DSP(Deputy Superintendant of Police), and that person did whatever was needful.
after that i picked her up from in front of office and we went to the duppata shop ,got her duppata, came back to brigade road and sat at the KFc cause both of us were very hungry.
huge amounts of burger and soft drinks consumed ,we came back to her flat from where i capnapped for an hour.
In between she also tanked up my bike and pampered with me ice-creams and what not.
dinner was again a veggie affair at some overpriced joint near her place.There were some girls from a call centre sitting in the next table who were looking at her t-shirt and wondering how one gets into IIT- Delhi.hehehehehe .
well that kind of ended the day.
and my dear ,if you are convinced that we are in love,then please change your opinion.she thinks that somebody like me should never be in love,never marrry,never do anything in life that will curb my independence and creativity.
i am a free bird and thats how i should be. and after two continuous days with her , i realise that its rather difficult for me to actually get tied down anyplace emotionally.thats why i guess i have moved out of all my relationships gracefully and very quickly.
i really hope that she settles down with somebody as brainy and decent as her,not get saddled with a wild-child like me.

Piece of My mind for " the girl"

{ It all started with a rather simple telephone call,which led to a series of telephone calls,some funny,some rather distressing, and a couple of them absolutely acrimonious.
As Reshma says"women are completely circumstancial".So does Freud. hope both of them are correct in their judgement.just hope}

ok here are the facts and not the fictions

1. Chandan Sikdar-----head of Six Sigma at John F. Welch Tech. Centre,Blore

2. Chandan da and Runa di(his wife) LOVE me.

3.Chandan da is a mech Engg

4. I am the ONLY mech engg he has met in a long time.

5. I know all about JIT,Re- Engineering & Benchmarking ,Non-destructive testing and such alike Advanced manufacturing processes.

6. Chandan da is rather surprised by point 5.

7. He knows Prof. Ghosh of Ohio State University,Columbus

8. My didi and jamai-babu stay in Columbus, Ohio.

9.My parents are rather warm to the idea of my going to OSU. ( refer point 8.)

10. I dont think i will get a job with degree from a rubbish University.

11a.My parents are not dying of hunger.

11b. I am not emotionally,physically or legally ATTACHED to any female.

12. Above points( 11a & 11b) make me kind of free to persue my own interests, as long as they are not illegal, immoral or nihilistic in nature, form,intention or end-result.

13. I love Rock n Roll.

14. I will be able to redeem a bit of my self-belief after a series of rather stupid and energy-sapping misdemeanours.

15. At least with a Summa Cum Laude Ph.D people would think maybe once before calling me OPOGONDO.

16. DEBANJALI and I parted as GOOD FRIENDS way long back.Exactly 67 poeple knew that till now.You are number 68.

17.I will be able to buy and ride a better,faster,Street-illegal Yamaha racing bike in US of A.

18.I am not drunk,doped,angry,frustrated,hungry,lonely,jobless,vindictive,sleepy or in jail while writing this mail.

19. My friend from IISc is offering me a post in MS Scientia or watever in the Quantum Cryptology wing.

20. Above point entirely due the fact that i have won first prize in paper presentation at various universities in this subject.

21. I had polao-murgir mangsho last night and gorom-bhat kochi pantha for lunch today.

FOR FURTHER CLARIFICATION(S) REGARDING PARTICULAR POINT(S), PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MAIL ME BACK.( gmail,msn,yahoo,indiatimes,hotmail all are free services...)