Monday, April 23, 2007

lessons from Orkut...

this online community has taught me some hard lessons

1.never talk to any unknown/semi-known may end up trying to explain Douglas Adams to them.

2. never accept invitations from ppl who have pics of filmstars/hot babes/death metal artists as thier profile pic.

3. never discuss Quizing funda in scrap books....
there are saner ppl around...not everyone understands the RHINO-BULL and ADIDAS fundas...

4.never visit someone`s profile just because some nerd i know knows him/her...

5.never join a community cause some female you have taken a fancy to is a member of it...females become member of SUZLON/BCG/KPMG/ABB communities cause they think mech engg/investment bankers need visual viagra...we are NOT interested in part-time jobs which MIGHT pay us 30000+ per month...we are part of our organisations online community...not some same-sex fetish club...

5.never try for blind dates..dates are blind...the eye-opener is your credit-card bill...

6.lastly...never visit your ex-flame`s profile...her name on the list of my profile visitors have given me a bad case of Acidity...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

inside stuff

if somebody is looking for the corporate withe shittest

1.Corporate Social Responsibility
2. Corporate Governance
4.Retention/attrition rate.
5. Joke of an HR policy.
6. Underpaying.

Look no further.
look at the one i work for.

Land grabbing...yes
bribing on a mass-scale...yes...
bending rules...YES.
going back on promises...han bhai haan...
leave it or fuck off policy...roger that...

worst part is we have the best qualified and most dedicated team led mostly by a pack of Gutkha-chewing managers,who dont realise the simple fact that their strange antics really hurt the overall image of the MNC....
hate to see hot-shot managers squirm and look away when the Boss-Guy starts chewing Gutkha during a meeting...

Respectable CMD...
please do somethingg...really loved it when u were the hands-on boss...
lead the way../
all the way....

Friday, April 20, 2007

Water Mgmt...???CII( why???)

Some misbegotten morn from CII Kolkata chapter wants me to attend some shit seminar on " water Management in 21st Century" at the park.
Who the fuck gave him my office id.???( ITFM_PUNE...grrrrrrrrrrrrr)
Who pays to go to Park?
Who cares for some crap organised by CII,Kolkata chapter???
Feels creepy to know some clerk at some Lobbying platform has my Email id.
feels even creepier to know he knows " ami ektu jolopothey jai".
He even knows i go to the Park regularly.

Is the big brother watching?

need to unplug the compu,throw away the Credit Cards, and even my employee id.

take out the bike.
ride to goa////

just lose myself in the crowd.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

the KID tommy would say...

i cant be like the silent Rothschild...i really dont want ot call her the day before her marriage and tell her" i cant come to youe wedding,cause you were the one lady i wanted in my life"...
The Rothschild is strong....maybe stoic...i certainly am neither.
So i would rather make ann effort right now and just tell her what my feelings are like.
i have always loved her for the last 8-9 odd years,loved her to destruction..almost.
barely came back from the brink.
fell from grace.
i have nothing to lose.
i am beyond loosing anything more.
so might as well tell her everything.
how i went green in envy.
how i went insane in jealousy.
a cool head would have helped matters....
but i had no one to confide in...
the gang was clueless...
parents just wanted me to get out of Tech school alive and with a degree...
watever happened on the night of 30 th June 2001 was sheer madness on my part.can never ever forgive myself for shouting at her,for being so mean and sleazy and personal.
i went overload and said things which i can now categorically state is sheer madness...
used to love..had to lose her...

i tried everything to forget her.
eveything i could.
dated a series of pretty girls,smart girls,rich girls...
buti could never forget her.
she is unfinished business to me.
i need to close the account.

i could not bring myself to walk into lake hurted like hell.
it really did.
until one day i just dared to do the unthinkable.
i walked into Lake Club and took a rowing membership.
i wanted to put back the pieces of my life.
else its completely a love`s labour lost.
i am a grown-up guy..i cant live liike a zombie,not any more....
not one more day...
the whole quiizing gang has given me strength,confidence and a will to take things as they come.
i was very afraid,maybe mortally afraid of loosing her.

i have LOST her.
so, dats all about it.
i miss her every corner of the road,
every nook and cranny of the lake...every course..every day every race.
i just miss her...

i realise its all my much i try to pass on the blame on my mom////
shit happens...
but i should have acted like an adult...not like an imbecile.

maybe i freakewd her out..more than once...
but i know she is better than me...nicer than me...more forgiving,sweeter,much more balanced.
atleast i have one bog friend on my side...her MOM...
kakima is a sweet-heart.
dats a big saving grace.

we were young and restless...the age was very bad...
we took independant decisions...some right ,some wrong...
mostly wrong as far my decisions are concerned.
silly me...

now i need to talk to her calmly,sweetly,decently and reasonably.
she will see reason.
reson is the key.
LOVE is a bigger reason.

Who needs a reason when love bites.
love hurts.
i want her back.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kolkata Quizzing…the citizens…and the also rans…part 1

( this is a rather humble effort of mine to just jot down a few words about some the rather interesting people I have managed to meet in course of my rather uneventful and thoroughly mediocre quizzing endeavors)

Shouvik Guha aka Holy Smoke, The Great Man.- Civil servant by profession, Quizzard by passion Shouvik Guha`s passion for knowledge,understanding and his absolutely no-airs attitude is what makes him the very best around.
Nothing is too trivial,no knowledge is too esoteric for him.hmmm maybe he cant recognize between Fergie of Black Eyed Peas and Amy Lee of Evenescence …but well that’s about it.
If its to be known and assimilated and shared,SG is the man.
Foor him,the funda is simple.
Mind it,he wont ever remember things that don’t interest him.
Ultimately everything boils down to his basic love for the wide big world of knowledge sharing.He has won everything that can be won in this country and can rightfully claim( which he would never) to be the very best quizzard around.
The very first tijme I met him I in small dusty room in gariahat market, I was just taken aback by his sheer interest to learn. Guess that’s what keeps him maybe the fact that he absolutely yearns to see Quizzing as a hobby and a sport grow in this part of India once again.

One of the oldst hands in Indian Quizzing,SG`s greatest strength is his open mnd and his ability to learn and come back next time,next quiz.
First quiz we attended was St Paul`s North Point Inter-School Alumni Quiz at the Oberoi where funnily enough I managed to beat him.The real fun started after the Quiz ended.SG,me,Sumantra and some kids just stood around with our tipples and did a whole round on Tintin and Asterix…Feluda too for good measure…we went home reeling…

Later the whole relationship took a different turn when one forgetaable quiz later,he curtly told me and Sumantra to drop in at DI. Holy Cow! SG has invited us kids to DI,the Mecca of Indian Quizzing.Therein started what I can proudly say one the best Teacher-Student relationships in my life…one I never want to end.

At DI,we were party to his rather long cherished dream of Setting up a Quizzing Foundation in Calcutta, a dream he and some other old hands like AB, KB and JaP have discussed for hours over endless glasses of Scotland`s finest and DI`s oiliest.

Though his dream of never been crowned Mastermind India will foreverstay with him,surfacing only with close few over a glass of his favourite,I can proudly say I have sat in quizzies with theVERY Best Quizzard tthis country has ever produced.