Friday, April 14, 2006

A lunch date wasted

she just started the whole conversation by asking
'are u angry?"
"why should i be angry?"

"why did you go out of orkut?"
"well didnot want anymore idle chitchat with any case i have got the e-mail ids of all the people i require"
"oh"(she is thinking furiously)

"wat are you doing???"

"wat r u doin for lunch tomorrow?"
pregnant silence...
" no plans as of now."
(short pause on her side)
"come over to my place".
(lump forming at the throat,eyes watering at the prospect of free food).

"i will cook some veg food.
or maybe we can order some takeaway"(earnestness dripping over the phone)

"why not?
after all i am not asking you to cook,all you need to do is eat"(trying to evoke laughter.usually she succeeds.but not this time...)

"NO"( i have got a mind of my own)
"ok bye".(me putsdown the phone)

log into gmail.
block her mails.
block all chats.

she keeps on asking me so many questions,does she really need an answer?
guess not.
she needs somebody to control,thats all.
why can`t she just let go...i mean life is a bit relaxed and easier that way .
atleast for the both of us.
for all of us.
her parents are scared of me,of her hob-nobbing with me.
so why not do them a favor...just keep away from me.

moral of the conversation: it took me all my goodwill and contact in bangalore to get two guest passes for "Sumoner Gaan" plus "Miles" cause she wanted to go.On the evening of the shoow she groggily picked up the phone and said"very sleepy,cant come,rather dont feel like coming"
ok ...
very well...
watever...why am i even writing?

so i can have good laugh later.
thats it.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Living My Dreams

Well right now wat i am doing is something i have always wanted to be gloriously i can read a book till five in the morning,wake up at twelve thirty...drink some coffee(if Ashok is around),log onto to check out the top stories regarding my fav club,then maybe chat a bit with the gang ...and then ,well do nothing.
Absolutely NOTHING.
Parents are kind of worried about me,but i guess dats kind of normal.
they Are always worried about me.
Frankly i dont see a single reason for their worry.
I am not sleeping around with some 'noshto choritro "mamoni(dont have the capability t0 even properly chat with one)
i rarely drink,never smoke,not exactly on friendly terms with any anti-national elements,sooooooooooo
parents just give me a break.
I dont want to be an MBA ,i dont want to go out and prove to the world that i am a fool...i know my limitations.
Somehow these days, i am meeting a lot of people who seem to be absolutely FAKE...they talk about things which are so skewed and short-term,that i feel asphxiated...i feel somebody is trying to strangulate me with a huge fabric of half-spun lies,fabrications,and mis-placed Intellectualism...
or maybe i am a FUCKING MISFIT.
Well i guess its more of the latter.
i am finding to live like this.
Its high time i took some concrete steps to put my life in order.
For a person who has a rather strong mind and a dream to fulfill, this kind of a life is rather difficult.
i find it difficult to join any of the outsourced jobs(BPO.KPO,Software,Services) sector.
Always wanted to be something like a deep-sea diver or maybe a crewmember of Americas Cup Team...and here i am dying of inaction-)
well kind of confused about how to convince mom about the fact that i really dont want to SETTLE DOWN like any normal bengali boy,i want to make mark for myself so
"let me go".

Its time i spoke to Kanchan about contacting ANOOP for info regarding the MS course he did from UK
HIgh Time ...
well else...
i will grow roots...
i will die.