Friday, May 25, 2007

One ups...( thanks Atrida)

The two instances of somebody gaining one-up on wat in kolkata we would generally classify as “Dalals”( not the Mithunda variety though)

  1. An old gentleman,father of one of our mutual friends was huffing and puffing his way up to the Mall in Darjeeling when out of the Thin Air( no pun) materialized a puny character in a dirty jacket… wat followed was utter mayhem…

Uncle Types( UT)..babago aar paari naah…aar koto tah re baba???

Dirty jacket ( DJ) babu...babu...oh babu...

UT: ki holo baba? ( groaning…his way up another bend)

DJ: babu..kanchi laagbey Kanchi>>>

UT: ( too breathless to be outraged) naah baba…ketey poro

Persistent DJ follows

DJ: babu ekdom fresh hobey…ekdom baacha…

UT: ( gasping for breath at a turn)

“ kanchi toh chai naah….kintu ekta BENCHII jogar korey ditey paarbey ???”

DJ vanishes rapidly in to the evening mist.

2.This one concerns a rather grizzled quizzard of Kolkata, one reputed to have pummeled the Security officer and driver of some All India Service officer,for disregarding traffic rules at Park Street.

This rather hefty and honorable gentleman n his friend, after a rather heavy meal at Mocambo, were walking towards their car parked at Middleton Row, when they were joined in their wake by a shady character peddling(!) even murkier wares.

O.Q n Pal: Ki chai??

S.C: babu laagbey naaki?

O.Q : Ki ???? ( brain function dimmed by too much of greasy muck)

S.C: jai girl…housewife…jah laagbey hobey…

O.Q : dhur saala..paala ekhon…

Meanwhile they have crossed Park Street and are bang in front of Music World,ambling towards Peter Cat wer the vehicle is kept.

S.C : laagbey bolun naah…saara raater jonno chai? College-girl…Miss Calcutta?Tao hoye jaabey…rates ekdom bhalo…bhalo jinis paaben..bolun naah.. Ki


Now our mutual friend is at the and of his patience.Wit n sense of humor still intact


O.Q: (in his smoothest voice, with hand on the shady characters` shoulder)

Ogulo toh chai naa..kintu tomakey ki pawas jaabey???

S.C.: cheeeeecheeee( electrified) lojjja korey naah??/

Cheeeeecheeeee…(.backing up rapidly) chee cheee…bhodrolok naah aaro


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