Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sarkari Steed n us

This concerns me a n very good Friend of mine, a rather multi-faceted genuis...
Eats well,drives well, Quizzes well...even plays Squash ( developed a Tennis elbow playing it!) .
Incidentally he is a also an employee of Pratibha Patil.

The culprit steed in question being a rather slow rumbling white Indigo without the customary hood ornament.

Every time the two of us travel it, some tragedy befalls us.

Tragedy 1:

After a long chat over endless cups of filtered black coffee and Dal-fry at his office, we moved towards The Taj to pick up some goodies from the Cake-Shop.
Alas the cake shop being closed we were just driving out ,when our reverie was rather rudely disturbed by the honking and impatient flashing of lights of a car behind us.
My friend immidiately asked his driver to slow down and then hell broke loose...or should i say a barrage of the choicest bengali adjectives were being hurled at us thru the open window of the over-taking Honda.
For Exactly 10 seconds,roughly the time it takes to cross the length of an indigo,
the Buggers Jaw dropped,and he was goading his driver to " step on it"

The next 2 minutes was straight out of a Cheap Hindi filum,the types were good cop is prevented by duty,changing lights and idiotiic pedestrains from tearing thru red light zones.
We stopped at the Red Light near National Library while the Honda just disappered down Alipur Road.

Tragedy 2:

A rather Shiity Monday evening we were driving along the BYpass towards Saltlake when just past the Sonar Kolkata ( Not Sonar Bangla !) a red Maruti materialsied out of nowhere and hit out car.
AC off.
Red Lights On.
Give chase.

Catch Bugger near the stadium.

My Pal n I jump out of the Car,driver runs and blocks the road.

The driver was sweating profusely and the passenger looked like he was having a Myocardial Infarction ...
sweat running down the face, face flushed, eyes goggled at Unknown and rather dangerous results ( Thana, third-degree, Police case, Photo in newspapers,coming out of Sessions court with gamcha/hanky/ Old newspaper on the face) .

Driver" Dada maaney Sir please bhul hoye gechey...maaney i never drive in Kolkata...maaney i am from Bardhaamaan" maaney aar hobey naah...sir please"

We barely controlled ourselves from bursting out in laughter and walked off...
stopped the car in a secluded stop near the SAI campus and ran out of the car bursting at the was THE MOST INNOVATIVE excuse i have ever heard in my life...


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