Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Aat Chalish ki Last local...and all that

my fav local train: 2040 all stops to Trkswar.

A Classic Master card moment:

Coffee at CCD for two: 130 bucks
tips for the waiter: 10 Bucks
Four-cd pack of Gulzar : 900 bucks
The look on her face at getting wat she wanted to buy with her first salary: priceless.

P.S: will do anything, i repeat anything to have her repeat that look...

she is in control,i am comfortable with that...


lookstalker said...

As they say, the road from Mahatma to mama and back is paved with cat's hair.

mother teresa said...

But Prince Harry has already taken the space shuttle to the moon and the moon was in control!

Gee said...

so did she thankyou for the surprise?